Charlie Adam to United – a done deal?

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When a Manchester United fan, who is liked by Sir Alex Ferguson, rejects a final day move to Liverpool and Spurs from Blackpool, with United on the fence ready to match any bid for the player, what would you say?

So, is it a done deal for Charlie Adam, who has recently stated that he still (when he gets time) goes to Old Trafford to watch his beloved Manchester United play?

Here is a round-up of story so far:

When the January Transfer Window opened, Sir Alex stated that he had no intention of signing a player.

However, when Kenny Dalglish was named as the Liverpool manager on January 9, 2011 and Liverpool out of the blue made a bid for Charlie Adam on the same day, coincidently Ferguson (almost immediately) made a complete U-Turn stating that he may look to bring in a player

Liverpool bid £4 million. The bid was regarded by Ian Holloway, the Blackpool manager, as “disgraceful”.

He said, "I was thinking Liverpool and Charlie. I thought fantastic what a great club for him to go to and then when I heard the bid I thought it was disgraceful.

The bid was rejected and Liverpool soon played Manchester United in the Premier League. Adam’s inspirational performance against United was the greatest word to Sir Alex’s ear. When asked about Charlie Adam and Liverpool’s bid for the player, the legendary Scott sabotaged Liverpool’s offer commenting, “His corner kicks are worth £10 million in themselves. The boy is an incredible striker of the ball."

After United beat Blackpool, Mike Phelan especially went to the 25-year old, Adam in order to shake his hand at full time. Well, he didn’t do the same for David Vaughan, Elliot Grandin or former United defender Craig Cathcart, who was also brilliant and managed to score earlier in the game for Blackpool.

Five days on, it was soon deadline day. Everyone in footballing fraternity expected Charlie Adam to sign for Liverpool.

As the day wore on, sky sports reported several times that Blackpool had been receiving improved bids from Liverpool for Adam - all rejected.

However, as we approached noon, reports suggested that United had agreed to match any bid from Liverpool for Charlie Adam suggesting that United were interested in signing him in the summer but would complete the transfer in the current window if necessary in order to ensure he didn't go elsewhere.

An hour left for the transfer window to slam shut and Liverpool are still trying relentlessly hard to bring Charlie Adam to Anfield. More unexpected drama, an hour left and Tottenham come in for Adam. More surprisingly so, have a bid accepted for the player.

Now, this is interesting. Spurs are playing in the Champions League, might finish fourth and also, have a great manager in Harry Redknapp known for nurturing players very well. But Charlie Adam decides against moving to Tottenham Hotspur. Guess what, he comes out of Bloomfield road, gives a thumbs up to the sky cameras and says 'I'm sorted'.

Was it him or Sir Alex - telling Ian Holloway not to sell the player on the last day as United would look to sign him in the summer?

It gets even better - ten minutes after the deadline Adam is on Sky Sports, Charlie Adam tells Sky Sports that he is fully committed to Blackpool for the remainder of the season.

Was it a move denied or rejected by Adam on his will?

It gets better. Sir Alex Ferguson does an interview with MUTV where he says, “I spoke to Ian Holloway about Charlie…we wouldn’t be interested in doing business just now of that type of player. I think Charlie Adam’s a terrific footballer but I think Blackpool have done the right thing to keep him because they really need him to stay in the division”

Eye brows up?

Charlie Adam is a Manchester United and one who is much appreciated by Sir Alex. More so, he is only 25, and could be a decent enough replacement for Paul Scholes.

Similar to the Charlie Adam story, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also has a similar story attached to his name. The 17-year old was set to move to Arsenal for £10 million before United stepped in and as reports suggest now, Oxlade-Chamberlain does prefer a move to United than Arsenal.

Will these transfers go through or not is still a mystery but what Sir Alex has seen in Adam and Chamberlain are super talents having capabilities of fulfilling massive shoes.


  1. b2 says:

    Average player who looks good among poor ones.Not United type of midfielder.We generally play box to box type .Henderson and Rodwell are higher in pecking order than this guy.Anyway Fellaini would be the best.

  1. Kratik says:

    @b2 I partially agree with you. But the way he dominated the midfield against us, was simply exceptional.
    Rodwell is good, in fact he is very good and might join us.

  1. b2 says:

    The problem with United these days is that u can't judge a CM if he performs well against us.Once it used to be the scale to judge any midfielder but now it has become a joke.Everything comes through wings.

    Being a close United fan for last 15 years,i honestly believe Fergie will never go for him.He likes players who can attack (Read Home games) and defend also(Europe and Away ones).Scholes was lucky as he had ab unique quality of controlling the game without having good defensive skills.

    As i thinks,the preferences will be:


    Rumors of Carrick going to get a new 3 year deal also signals that we are not going for major changes.

  1. Kratik says:

    Well, b2, according to me Charlie Adam is quality. Henderson, Tiote, Defour and Rodewell are all quality. Rodewell especially, people don't know how well he can play in an advanced position. But, Adam too is really good. Scholescy can never be replaced and as far as Sir Alex is concerned, he likes Adam and you never know he might just sign him. I don't agree that Sir Alex only likes box to box type of players. If you look at Anderson, he wasn't brought in to play the role he plays now. Well, you may argue that he is a box to box midfielder but he never played that way at Porto. He was brought in to play a very attacking role but circumstances like Hargreaves injury has forced him to play in his position. Thus, it was famously said, "United have wasted Anderson's talent." But as even Sir Alex realises now, giving him a more free role does help.

  1. Bharath says:

    Nice blog! Do agree with you, He is quite a quality player. I do hope we get Charlie this transfer!

  1. b2 says:

    Anderson is a talentless one.End of.He was bought as a long term replacement for Scholes and his purchase had nothing to do with Hargo.Hargo/Carrick were meant to replace Keano.
    Charlie Adams is just an average player who has not played at highest level before this one and he is not 19-20 to be fair.Sneijder/Schweinsteiger are ideal ones but they are impossible to get.Rodwell is a complete future package and represents rare breed of B2B midfielders .He is an ideal shout but Moyes is not known to sell his players.

  1. Nid says:

    Charlie Adam did not reject Liverpool..In fact, he handed in a transfer request which was not accepted by Holloway and the Blackpool board. Regarding visiting OT, he has never come out and said that!! So, its just wishful thinking from a United fan dude!!

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