Dalglish, we are back!

Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011 by Kratik in

Kenny Dalglish, you told us to come back when we've won 18, we are back...and so are you - at Liverpool - but your Liverpool side doesn't even seem to be in the reckoning to finish inside top four in order to qualify for the Champions League, forget about winning the league - joke the United fans.

After a thrilling 3-3 Anfield draw in January 1994, Liverpool supporters unfurled a taunting banner which read: "Au revoir, Cantona and Man United. Come back when you've won 18."

Liverpool faithfuls would have never thought that what they so famously sang and said, would come back so dearly to haunt them.

Since 1994, United under Sir Alex Ferguson, conquered every single footballing accolade that was on offer including: nine League Championships, three FA Cups, three League Cups and two European Cups. As for Liverpool, they were never crowed the league champions since. The only trophies added to their trophy cabinet were: one UEFA Cup, one FA Cup and one UEFA Champions League.

Although, it took United time, patience and character but after a 17-year wait - a period when United fought relentlessly hard and stamped their authority on English football for almost two decades, Reds and the Red Devils are all square in terms of titles won.

It's absolutely mind blowing to think how far Sir Alex Ferguson has taken United since joining the club in 1986. Sir Alex once famously said, "My greatest challenge is not what's happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch."

When he came into management, many people wrote him off. He worked hard, made a team and eventually did knock Liverpool off their decorated perch. In 2002, sixteen years from the time he joined United, when he made this particular statement in a post match interview with a guardian reporter, I wonder if those people who had written the former Scottish forward off, were still laughing.

With Kenny Dalglish back at Liverpool and United on top of the premiership table - four points clear of Arsenal and 16 points ahead of Liverpool with a game in hand - United look set to teach Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish a harsh lesson.


  1. stevo says:

    You might have won 18 - might get to 19 come May - BUT - and it's a big BUT - it took you long enough - even with your best ever manager performing heroics, and Liverpool giving you a free 20 years to do it too. But ask yourselves this - who will get to 25 or 30 first and how long before you own old Big ears?

    Face facts - you've had your shot and you nearly made it - BUT - you will forever be in Liverpool FC's shadow.

    Doesn't Kenny just send shivers down your spine!!


  1. Kratik says:

    @Stevo Firstly, it seemed like Liverpool would need a miracle to make something happen but the way they have turned it around is absolutely brilliant.
    Kenny Dalglish is still a name to remember for the Liverpool fans.

    And, does it really matter who will get to 25 first?

    Well, you guys said, "Come back when you've won 18" We are back and we will race past you guys.

    Dalglish doesn't send shivers down anyone's shrine, except Fernando Torres I guess, who would be still wondering has he committed another blunder. First was when he rejected United to move to Liverpool in 2006.

    And we will never be in Liverpool's shadow. Maybe, we once were but not any more.
    People talk about the great Liverpool team of the 80's. As for the last two decades, it's always the teams wearing the red of United.

  1. Well it would definitely haunt the Liverpool fans who put that banner up but who cares?? Had Kenny started this season Liverpool would have been in a better position than they are now. And even if manure goes one better this season just wait for next season and if Kenny's still here he will surely knock the pretenders from whatever perch they are settled in. And well Liverpool's still two up in Europe, better than and come back!!

  1. Kratik says:

    All you Liverpool fans can only ask us to come back, not do anything about your squad, league position. Sad, isn't it that the best player in your team thought that you guys were not worthy of winning a trophy and left you.

  1. Nid says:

    Your Slur Alex F's comment about "knocking Liverpool off their perch" only proves that how obsessed you, your team, your fan and even you Whiskey Nose is about the success of Liverpool FC. Whether you like it or not, manure will forever be under our shadow. Don't worry son, we once gave you a target to achieve, we will soon give you another one to follow. By the way, I hear manure has planned to reject any bids for Howard Webb
    even in the next transfer window??LMAO...
    And what happened to your invincibles man?? You could have lost to a better team though, rather than bottom of the table Wolves.lol..

  1. Kratik says:

    @Nid Do you want to remind you how to which teams have Liverpool lost this season?
    Liverpool fans can only dream about giving United a target. The fact of the matter is that we are on top of the league and the favourites to win. We at least went 24 unbeaten. Have Liverpool even gone 5 unbeaten this season.
    Coming to Liverpool setting us as target again. Well, I won't disagree, Liverpool can. Get relegated and set us a target of the number of points you can score in the Championship.

  1. Nid says:

    u r funny buddy hahahaha

    and u didnt comment abt howard webb??Relegate...lol........i can trust a Manc to be so stupid and deluded......its okay kid!!!

  1. Suyash says:


    You have, in the recent past been insulted "again and again".
    Just how much does it take to bring you back to senses? Is it just me or Liverpool fans are always high? (But never high up on the table).

    The closest you came to winning the title was in the 08-09 season. That season, I would admit, Liverpool were on quite a role. But what happened then? We started talking about "FACHTS", and the dream was over.
    Do you even remember how much you were jumping before the 09-10 season began. I remember scousers telling me how they had got the future of Dutch football in Ryan Babel, the player who was gonna better Henry in David Ngog and Robbie "The final piece in the jigsaw" Keane. You guys even touted Robbie as "Benitez's Cantona" (REALLY?).

    When will you guys stop being delusional and start talking about the "reality". Stop talking about what you WILL DO and what you HAVE DONE. Start living in the present my friends. Talking about the future, clearly, has always fetched you humiliation. And talking about the past is what you guys are best at. And I don't blame you, cos you really don't have anything else than the past.

    "O poor, unthinking human heart! Error will not go away, logic and reason are slow to penetrate.We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe in the weightiest proofs against it, embracing it with all our strength. In the end it escapes, ripping our veins and draining our heart's blood; until, regaining consciousness, we rush to fall into snares of delusion all over again"


  1. Suyash says:

    And btw,
    I am level on Premier League titles with Steven Gerrard.

  1. Nid says:

    If people supported clubs just because they won trophies, then 80% of the teams would have no fans at all. West Ham United can boast of a much better and sensible fan base compared to manure. Damn, manure does not have fans in Manchester. We support Liverpool FC because of the passion, the tradition. But its okay, you will never get it, dumbass glory hunters!!!!

    Red for Life!!!!

    And there is just one red--Liverpool FC!!

  1. Suyash says:

    So now, you do admit that your club doesn't win any trophies whatsoever?

    And about being a sensible fan,
    "Look who's talking" :P

  1. Nid says:

    I told you, its much above your level you glory hunter!!!

  1. Kratik says:

    I agree with Nid.
    Whether you win anything or not, your support is important.
    I love United not because we have won so many trophies but because United was the club I began to support almost a decade back. We went theough a 3 year period without winning anything. I supported them then, I support them now and will support them forever, no matter we win or get relegated.

    United once, United for life.

    My brother supports Spurs, its been an age since they have won anything at all but he still supports them.

    It's about your love for the club, not the trophies they win.

  1. Nid,read through your comments,you look like someone who need to see a psychiatrist..get a life dude..and yes,liverpool might have won 5 champions league (even though everyone knew luis garcia goal against Chelsea in the semis 2005 champions league never crossed the line),you never got a Club World Club Trophy and we got two and the first ever English club to get the trophy..

    What makes me feel so pity with liverpool fans is,they keep talking about their past history(of course people will be proud if they have remarkable history),yet you have nothing to be proud on present but then claim that manutd are always in the liverpool shadow..what the hell is that??manutd is past,present and the future and that makes us more class than you..nuff said..

    Last but not least,if you think that kenny daglish will bring the successful days back to your club, you must be dreaming..you still need to compete with the likes of Chelsea,Man City,Arsenal and now Tottenham to become the top 4 and I would to see whether kenndy daglish can do that...

  1. Nid says:

    @nory, if u want to talk abt football, i would want to have this conversation....personal attacks are certainly not entertained with me...but coming from a man u fan, personal attacks dont surprise me at all...The way u were embarrassed at Anfield by King Kenny, I knw it hurts. And I knw it hurts real bad...Get a life, think abt ur club and stop worrying abt what the King can do.


  1. Nid says:

    And a ManU fan talking abt refeering decisions, thats quite funny!!!

  1. Nid,do I care??haha,you're such a funny guy..by the way,we have beaten you twice this season,so who care if you have beaten us 3-1 at Anfield,still without Ferdinand,Vidic,Valencia and Fletcher..and both goals from Dirk Kuyt is a give..

    One more thing,I don't care how much you have beaten us,because we, Manutd fans only care about the title or the trophies..I know,we all know,Liverpool always raise their game against manutd,so it doesn't surprise me..

    Anyways,all the best for your challenges for the 5th place in the league..:)

  1. Joyshan says:

    In 94 you were 18 we were 9 , 2011 you`re still 18 and We are going 19.

    Stop ranting sick bitches! In 17 effing years you haven`t won a single premier league title and you think that next year you`re going to get back, man you kidding me?! You`ve got rust all over!

    We are United!, we did`t care about your f'kin 18 cause we knew it was HISTORY, we are here cause we PLAY GREAT FOOTBALL. WE ARE UNITED! GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!

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