The Warrior Prince

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(Have you ever transformed anyone's life? Do it for the better! This world needs you! )

Warrior Prince. No, this post is not about Sourav Ganguly nor is it about Paul Scholes. Well, Scholescy is the ginger prince. Whatever.

This post is, in fact, about a boy who believed in God and let it all pass. Stop thinking so much...I am not talking about Ayrton Senna either. He is just a boy; a boy who experienced dreamland and lived his fantasies every single day.

What's his name? Well, they call him the Warrior Prince.

He had never been away from his kingdom but he dreamed of claiming the Kohinoor Diamond, buried at nadir under Joker's dungeon. He had heard stories, but he didn’t know the way. He had faith, but it could have been his last fight into the fray.

As he was about to leave for Azkaban, the greatest masters blessed him. They blessed him to fly through Pandora and sprint past Mufasa. He promised to not disappoint; donning his fedora, he set his sail.

First, he met Scrooge McDuck on the way, who was too busy counting his money. He went to the richest duck in the world said, “So, what are you going to do with your money?” Uncle Scrooge replied, “Invest it to make more.” He remarked, “Really? And what are you going to do with that?” With a gingerly look, McDuck said, “Make more. Simple,” as he started counting how much money he had made, again. Prince remarked, “Interesting.”

Prince kept his hand on Scrooge McDuck’s shoulder, smiled and said, “That who fears can never live and that who lives will never fear. Think about it.”

Leaving Mr. McDuck puzzled, high and dry, he sailed on.

As he sailed further, he noticed that he had reached ‘Duckland’ as he saw a number of ducks. One of them was shouting from the top of his voice. Prince didn’t understand the reason for his discomfort, and so, approached the duck wearing a blue sailor hat.

Let’s have a sneak-peak into the actual conversation:
Prince (hand on the duck’s shoulder): What happened young man? Oops…sorry, duck.

Duck (furiously): Duck?! My name is Donald!

Warrior Prince: I am sorry Donald. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You seem livid, what happened?

 Donald Duck (depressed): I have been trying to win the ‘Disney Star of the Year’ award but I always get beaten by a mouse.

Warrior Prince: But you came second, that’s good, isn’t it?

Donald Duck: Not as good as first!

Warrior Prince: I’ll give you a weapon with which you can beat your best; maybe even that mouse, who knows?!

Donald Duck: "What's the big idea!?"

…and Prince made Donald to close his eyes and conjured his magic. When Donald opened his eyes, his anger had evaporated and there was a strong shift that he felt. His smile was wide and he promised himself to spread the love to latitudes even wider.

The Warrior Prince sailed past the mountain and saw a mouse cracking jokes and making people laugh. He paused and exclaimed, “A 2 ft. mouse wearing a crown talking to humans, interesting?” Prince then, paused, heard one of mouse’s jokes, laughed for a bit and started sailing again.
He soon bumped into a clumsy dog, who seemed to have a little intelligence, Goofy. Seeing Prince, Goofy shouted, “Aren’t you going to Mickey’s winning celebration?”

Prince: Who is Mickey and celebration for what?

Goofy: He was crowned the ‘Disney Character of Year’ for the 85th year running!

Prince: Have you invited Donald? He was sad and was fuming that he didn’t win.

Goofy: Yes, Mickey invites everyone. Donald was invited as well.

(Goofy looked down and put his hand over his own fedora) You know, Donald is a good friend of mine. He fights sharks and storms, but gets beaten by Mickey every year. Sad, but I guess that’s how it goes.

Prince (Smiled): He will win the next year; I have given him a magical weapon.

Goofy (laughed in his own unique way): Gawrsh! What’s that?

Prince (smileed even more and starts sailing): Call Donald; he is waiting!

…and Prince sailed on.

He soon saw a pilot almost crashing his airplane into the sea before ascending the aircraft in a steep spiral over water. Having come from the age of empires, he had never seen this kind of airplane drama. In his sight, that was extraordinary.

Seeing a man looking in awe from the deck of his ship, the pilot’s assistant asked the pilot to see if the man needs help. The driver dismissed his request at first, but then, obligeed. After a smooth landing on the bed of the sea, the driver and his assistant swam over and entered the ship.

Pilot said, “Hey, I’m Baloo. Do you need any help?”

Overwhelmed Prince replied “That was mind-blowing and yes, if you can fly me to Azkaban, that would be great.”

Baloo pulled his assistant, Kit, to the side and had a little discussion and ultimately, told Prince that two had come to a decision and would not be going to Azkaban.

Prince (looked down and frowned): Thanks, but I really wanted to get there.

Seeing his face grow smaller, Kit pressurized Baloo, who said, “Let’s go!” After experiencing multiple tailspins, Prince reaches Azkaban safely. He noticed that Baloo had a habit of losing his temper very easily and asked him if he wants a gift.

Seemingly caught in conundrum, Baloo, in a jolly way, says, “So, I get paid?”

Prince: No, not money. Better than that.

Baloo: Better than money? Free food at Louis’ restaurant?

Prince: No. Close your eyes.

As the bear closed his eyes, Prince ran his charm on Baloo’s mind and started walking towards the Dungeon underneath the castle, leaving the pilot at peace.

Seeing him walking on the island, towards the castle, castle’s guards caught him and presented him to the Joker, who, thought that Prince wass just another person who has lost his way, and so, ordered his guards to put him into the dungeon.

In the dungeon, Prince met five individuals, who called themselves ‘The Planeteers’, and who were tasked with defending the Earth from the greatest of disasters and making efforts to educate mankind to keep others from happening. With all of them depleted in energy and with the boy from North America, Wheeler, going through relationship problems with Linka (from Soviet Union), Prince iterated his desire to restore all their powers with his magic.

Also, he saw a man, ferocious as a tiger, rambling, looking to beat the meat out of a person. As he tried to go close, the man shouted from the top of his throat, trying to scare Prince. Prince started smiling and started walking towards the man.

The man felt indifferent as for the first time, someone hadn’t got scared of him. As Prince got to the man, his smile grew and he put his hand around man’s shoulder, asking him to sit down. He asked the planeteers to sit down as well.

Prince taught those six prisoners breathing techniques and guided them through a meditation. He made them feel focused and relaxed at the same time, made them experience bliss and devotion at the same time, made them experience their presence and love once again, and most importantly, made them smile once again.

As the prisoners opened their eyes, they felt revitalized and the rush of adrenalin had them believing that they had been reborn.

After the meditation, unbelievably, the ferocious man stood up and said, “My name is Jaffer. I have committed sins; many sins. But I don’t blame myself for any of them. I blame you!”

He added, “Yes, you. I blame you! Because had you made me experience what I just experienced, I would have never committed any of these sins. It’s you who is responsible and not me.”
As the others looked in amazement, Prince smiled and said, “Your time is now!”

After breathing techniques and meditation, planeteers started to feel strong once again, and combined their powers to call on Captain Planet.

As Captain fought Joker, Prince taught Jaffer the ‘Art of Living’ well enough to teach the others. With time, Joker was beaten and Captain rescued the planeteers and Prince. When Prince asked Jaffer to follow him to his kingdom, Jaffer replied, “I have just started. I have plenty of work left here.”
He further added, “With power comes responsibility and this is the greatest power one can have – to transform lives. Having attained that, I will make a difference. I am better off here.”

Prince smiled, and then, God conjured magic. Jaffer took Prince to a river, down into the dungeon, and dived into the river and went to its deepest possible point. With the whole situation past Prince’s vocabulary, Jaffer came back with a bright shining substance. Prince, remembering his ultimate objective, smiled and said, “So, it was true. The Kohinoor Diamond really existed at nadir of the river.”

As a token of gift, Jaffer, who as it turned out was cursed to be the protector of the precious stone until someone treated him as a normal human being, presented the massive – 5 cm in radius diamond – to Prince.
Prince got reminded of something that was taught to him back home: When you do His work, he does yours.

As he reached his kingdom, he got to know that Scrooge McDuck was living his dream and enjoying his retirement than putting all his energy in earning money. He was also informed that Donald Duck had finally won the ‘Disney Star Of The Year’ award. It was brought to his notice that Baloo was keeping his anger at bay, and Wheeler and Linka had sorted out their respective stresses and are doing very well in their relationship.

How did this happen? What did Prince do? I have talked of Prince’s magic. His magic was in not differentiating between creatures, making people experience delightful meditation and teaching them the way life is supposed to be led.

***People, one request, let Prince rise in you so that what happened in Boston today never happens anywhere in the world tomorrow. Meditate, make people meditate and make this world a better place to live in. Spread knowledge. Spread Love.

Jai Gurudev J

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