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  ('My Take' is the new thing that I have started with my blog. Taking the knowledge of my Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, through my blog, this is my shot at keeping people's smile up, give them belief and having them maintain faith.

Let's do it!

So, the song that I am doing is 'Not Nineteen Forever'.

I have been listening to this song over and over again. It’s a great song. Love it! With Manchester United’s 20th title closely linked with it, it is, really, the theme of this week).

Here it is:

She tried to peel me off the pavement
Tried to insinuate sometimes

To underline it, it’s the mind. You see how it works. When you are not doing fine with someone (not necessarily opposite sex), you always feel that it is he/she who is doing all he can to harm you. But you know, it doesn’t always work out like that. Now, obviously, there are nut-heads, but that’s not the case most times. It all may just be a coincidence. As my Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar (@SriSriSpeaks) says, “Leave it all in the past. Real freedom is freedom from future from past.” Do that. Forget about it and move on.

I am in danger of going too far
Asked me would I like to go for tea and toast
Get your hand off my thigh
In the car she turned to me and said

Now, she had invited him for tea and toast, and he gets closer - puts his hand on her thigh. And then, moans. I mean seriously, ungli do toh hath pakadna chahte hain! Lol. And on top of it, gets frustrated and writes a song. Many of you must have observed this type of a behavior in you or in people around you. It underlines too much expectation. No expectation, no heartbreak. So, chill leave what’s passed in the past and live in this moment.

You're not nineteen forever, pull yourself together.
I know it seems strange but things, they change
Older woman and a younger man
Both of them doing all they can

Now, this is epic! I mean epic! So, now, he is trying to boost his own ego saying…you’re getting old! This happens to so many people. When the things are going well, they say "You are the most beautiful girl," and when things go bad, "You frigging suck! You’re not good enough for me!" If this is happening with you…don’t worry. Chill. Become aware. Accept the situation and know that this will pass. Live in this very moment.

Tried to get your attention all night long,
Asked you once, I asked you twice, asked you four times,
If you'd like to dance to that song,
Front crawled the crowd down the stairs,
And I followed you out in the rain, nowhere to be found,
Never mind, you'll probably never look that pretty again.

This is more self ego boost. He asks this girl for a dance several times; the girl refuses and as it turns out, it hurts his ego. Then, he follows the girl out; the girl doesn’t care and leaves. That's when he goes like, “Chuck that! She’ll never look as pretty as she once looked, so, who cares?” This reminds me of one of my classmates. He would go and try for every girl in a club and when the girl would reject him, he would be like, "She was fat! She didn't look good," and I would be there asking him, "Why on earth did you even try then?" Has it ever happened to you? If so, you’ll know what happens next. You keep thinking about that girl, forever. It affects you. Well, it really affects you because your ego takes such a blow, and you end up writing a song, making your feelings and emotions public. It ends with the girl hating you and you going in depression for a bit, before you find another girl. Some of you who may be going through the situation may think, "What bullshi*", but many of you, who are sitting pretty, past this phase, will be like, “You are a rockstar, boy!”

So, lesson time. Smile, accept the situation. Have faith and believe in God, and know that all the unpleasant situations have always passed and so with this one. Chill. Have fun and live this moment because this moment is the only this that is now!

If you are not going through any emotional drama, keep living it up mate!


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