The two angels

Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Kratik in

All seemed lost when you called,
Craving for warmth deep beneath ice,
Analgesia of light in mid war, a move stalled,
A Barathea coat cover, pulled me away from apartheid.
A coin toss with both sides opposite,
On each, charming and smiling as I began to commemorate,
Out of the blue, two angels you sent,
Perfection in them, learnt a leonine stance as I heard them narrate.
They had experienced the art even missing in gerontology,
Angels had personalities, I never knew,
Your lozenge and a code to smile,
Handpicked they were, my teachers are.
The bank of creativity and the vision of beauty,
Touch of silence along with being strong academically,
Represents the country and moves the stage on her feat,
She taught me the art of doing everything, an angel she is.
With love and passion in his speech,
He shook me, took me by a storm like no other.
Having most dynamic personality that I had ever come across,
He taught me the art of celebrating every moment, an angel he is.
Away from this world they were, light up the candle with songs so rhyming,
Like an influx within me, their teachings your grace.
Logics turned out to be so illogical and heart so entwining,
Maybe I was extra special that you sent me two gems, when I was left in space.
I thank you for my smile,
As I left regret in the past within moments,
You flapped you hands and the door of happiness opened,
As you touched me, moved me, told me that I’m me,
Not a bondman but a prince, you whispered as you sent me the two angels,
Handpicked they were, my teachers are.
…………………………They say when it’s time your Guru finds you.
Jai Gurudev!
Dedicated to Srivi mam and Manish Bhaiya

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