Just Me

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A dilettante once walked in the rain,

Feeling cloistered, he dared to dream.

Engaged in fallacy, left in vain,

Wrapped in gauze and feeling cold, he began to cry and scream.

Catching him aback, cutting through the darkness,

Levitating two angels, captivated by beam.

Driving him by her speech, she sorted his mess.

Carving valor within him, he showed him his dream.

To whom you sent the angels with the magical key,

Unlocking the safe of happiness was the real me, just me.

Called Sudarshan Kriya, they presented him with a magical wand.

Sent by the divine, casting a spell to smile within almighty’s aura.

With alacrity, breathing into credence to form a love bond,

He danced to a legato rhythm in the divine’s outlandish orchestra.

He was touched and out went the melancholy,

He was blessed and with ease he ate the quince.

He was answered and he wore a smile happily,

He soon was gifted and bolstered by grace since.

The soul whom you kissed, like a bird flee,

Breathing with the wind was the real me, just me.

(C'est Moi)

(The Two Angels)

(The Divine)

For my teachers and my Guru...

Jai Gurudev :)


Charlie Adam to United – a done deal?

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When a Manchester United fan, who is liked by Sir Alex Ferguson, rejects a final day move to Liverpool and Spurs from Blackpool, with United on the fence ready to match any bid for the player, what would you say?

So, is it a done deal for Charlie Adam, who has recently stated that he still (when he gets time) goes to Old Trafford to watch his beloved Manchester United play?

Here is a round-up of story so far:

When the January Transfer Window opened, Sir Alex stated that he had no intention of signing a player.

However, when Kenny Dalglish was named as the Liverpool manager on January 9, 2011 and Liverpool out of the blue made a bid for Charlie Adam on the same day, coincidently Ferguson (almost immediately) made a complete U-Turn stating that he may look to bring in a player

Liverpool bid £4 million. The bid was regarded by Ian Holloway, the Blackpool manager, as “disgraceful”.

He said, "I was thinking Liverpool and Charlie. I thought fantastic what a great club for him to go to and then when I heard the bid I thought it was disgraceful.

The bid was rejected and Liverpool soon played Manchester United in the Premier League. Adam’s inspirational performance against United was the greatest word to Sir Alex’s ear. When asked about Charlie Adam and Liverpool’s bid for the player, the legendary Scott sabotaged Liverpool’s offer commenting, “His corner kicks are worth £10 million in themselves. The boy is an incredible striker of the ball."

After United beat Blackpool, Mike Phelan especially went to the 25-year old, Adam in order to shake his hand at full time. Well, he didn’t do the same for David Vaughan, Elliot Grandin or former United defender Craig Cathcart, who was also brilliant and managed to score earlier in the game for Blackpool.

Five days on, it was soon deadline day. Everyone in footballing fraternity expected Charlie Adam to sign for Liverpool.

As the day wore on, sky sports reported several times that Blackpool had been receiving improved bids from Liverpool for Adam - all rejected.

However, as we approached noon, reports suggested that United had agreed to match any bid from Liverpool for Charlie Adam suggesting that United were interested in signing him in the summer but would complete the transfer in the current window if necessary in order to ensure he didn't go elsewhere.

An hour left for the transfer window to slam shut and Liverpool are still trying relentlessly hard to bring Charlie Adam to Anfield. More unexpected drama, an hour left and Tottenham come in for Adam. More surprisingly so, have a bid accepted for the player.

Now, this is interesting. Spurs are playing in the Champions League, might finish fourth and also, have a great manager in Harry Redknapp known for nurturing players very well. But Charlie Adam decides against moving to Tottenham Hotspur. Guess what, he comes out of Bloomfield road, gives a thumbs up to the sky cameras and says 'I'm sorted'.

Was it him or Sir Alex - telling Ian Holloway not to sell the player on the last day as United would look to sign him in the summer?

It gets even better - ten minutes after the deadline Adam is on Sky Sports, Charlie Adam tells Sky Sports that he is fully committed to Blackpool for the remainder of the season.

Was it a move denied or rejected by Adam on his will?

It gets better. Sir Alex Ferguson does an interview with MUTV where he says, “I spoke to Ian Holloway about Charlie…we wouldn’t be interested in doing business just now of that type of player. I think Charlie Adam’s a terrific footballer but I think Blackpool have done the right thing to keep him because they really need him to stay in the division”

Eye brows up?

Charlie Adam is a Manchester United and one who is much appreciated by Sir Alex. More so, he is only 25, and could be a decent enough replacement for Paul Scholes.

Similar to the Charlie Adam story, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also has a similar story attached to his name. The 17-year old was set to move to Arsenal for £10 million before United stepped in and as reports suggest now, Oxlade-Chamberlain does prefer a move to United than Arsenal.

Will these transfers go through or not is still a mystery but what Sir Alex has seen in Adam and Chamberlain are super talents having capabilities of fulfilling massive shoes.

City Silence

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Dreamer! Yes, I still am to an extent. But have you ever wondered, how cool would that be if everyone in Pune observes silence for a day?

I know it does sound crazy and out of the world but the idea in itself is probably a very transforming one and one that needs to be implemented.

Maharashtra is home to days such as “Maharahstra Band”. Now, Maharashtra Band is a day when everything in the state of Maharashtra -right from the educational institutions, to banks, to offices - is shut down. Well, when people think that it is decent enough to have a day when the no one in the state works, would it not be a good idea to combine one of these days with silence. Let’s consider a city instead a city in Pune instead of the state Maharashtra.

What is silence?

The term “silence” is often used by most people in order to moan after someone’s death. But that’s not the silence that I’m talking about. That silence is a minute silence. In contradiction, I wish we’d have a day of silence - silence not to moan but to celebrate.

A day of silence would mean a day of absolutely no communication. No communication means definitely no talking; also no communicating with actions. People ideally, should refrain themselves from even looking at others.

It would mark a day when each one of us rises above our current spiritual level and start to experience the “real us”.

As Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankarji) once famously said,” We were born with silence, and as we grew up, we lost the silence and were filled with words. We lived in our hearts, and as time passed, we moved into our heads.”

Silence helps us to empty our head with no thoughts and enables us smile relentlessly. With silence, what also comes is “seva” (service).

When silence combined with seva, it makes you feel “wow!” Believe me; for once you actually feel good doing something for the country and the society, keeping “the you” aside.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely brilliant, if every one of us shut our bamboozles and work for a day in order to form a better society. Feeding someone who is desperately in need of food, planting a tree or even helping someone to clean a utensil can be seva. Seva can be anything which you do for others without involving a selfish motive behind it.

(People leading my example - doing seva by cleaning roads)

Doing seva and maintaining silence even for a day, would help bring about a better society, thereby, a better city. Just imagine, for a day, no pollution. In fact, on the contrary, people working towards making Pune better city to live in.

“When you make service the sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind, and gives you meaning. Be grateful for any opportunity to do seva”., says Sri Sri.

When a few thousand people work to clean (in every aspect) the city, we do get a relatively clean city. If the number of people working - even for a day - goes up by one thousand times, Pune could revamp its reputation in being the most celebrated city in the country.


Although a day of silence would bring inner centeredness to a person and make him experience an unparalleled pleasure, but it may cause the crime figures to go sky-rocketing. With the theft rising each day, how many dacoits would not steal on such days? How many murderers will not look at this day as one ideal to rip someone apart? How many criminals will not commit crime on such days?

They all will.

But the sole reason for that is that these people are still on level 0 of spirituality. They need to realize their “self” state. As Guruji says, “Our nature is to love. Spirituality nourishes the human values of compassion, love, caring, sharing, and acceptance.”

So, in short, everyone needs to undergo the spiritual practices, thereby, undergo the Art of Living ans Yes!+ workshops. Wouldn’t it be absolutely cool to smile endlessly, experience silence and more importantly make our city a better place to live in.

(Art of Living volunteers having undergone spiritual practices, smiling endlessly)

Dalglish, we are back!

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Kenny Dalglish, you told us to come back when we've won 18, we are back...and so are you - at Liverpool - but your Liverpool side doesn't even seem to be in the reckoning to finish inside top four in order to qualify for the Champions League, forget about winning the league - joke the United fans.

After a thrilling 3-3 Anfield draw in January 1994, Liverpool supporters unfurled a taunting banner which read: "Au revoir, Cantona and Man United. Come back when you've won 18."

Liverpool faithfuls would have never thought that what they so famously sang and said, would come back so dearly to haunt them.

Since 1994, United under Sir Alex Ferguson, conquered every single footballing accolade that was on offer including: nine League Championships, three FA Cups, three League Cups and two European Cups. As for Liverpool, they were never crowed the league champions since. The only trophies added to their trophy cabinet were: one UEFA Cup, one FA Cup and one UEFA Champions League.

Although, it took United time, patience and character but after a 17-year wait - a period when United fought relentlessly hard and stamped their authority on English football for almost two decades, Reds and the Red Devils are all square in terms of titles won.

It's absolutely mind blowing to think how far Sir Alex Ferguson has taken United since joining the club in 1986. Sir Alex once famously said, "My greatest challenge is not what's happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch."

When he came into management, many people wrote him off. He worked hard, made a team and eventually did knock Liverpool off their decorated perch. In 2002, sixteen years from the time he joined United, when he made this particular statement in a post match interview with a guardian reporter, I wonder if those people who had written the former Scottish forward off, were still laughing.

With Kenny Dalglish back at Liverpool and United on top of the premiership table - four points clear of Arsenal and 16 points ahead of Liverpool with a game in hand - United look set to teach Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish a harsh lesson.

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