My City Bleeds

Posted: Saturday, February 13, 2010 by Kratik in

Rubbishing plans for an MNIK show,

The day started off pretty decent.

Expecting wrath and an endless row,

A leper stance with furbish valor scent.

History knocked on the door,

I refused to let it in.

Held my hand and scared me to the core,

Showed its glimpse, a puddle without a win.

It began to rankle,

Personating what used to be.

Warned me several times to stop whelping,

My ignorance its verse as it began to leave.

As I moved with the brightness,

Taken away by a storm.

From an oceanic fleet to a littoral mess,

Crashing I went, out of ROBOCON.

Finishing a round of Sudarshan Kriya and Padma Sadhna,

My mind centered and a smile to lead.

Ready to celebrate every moment this millennia,

Shocked I was, when I watched my city bleed.

For once there was no Mahrashtrian or OMS,

Roaring rage, a pain we all felt.

Cowards and morons against humanity,

Who think bombing a maisonette is hitting under the belt.

Removal of security after information on attack,

Mentally stunted government as political issues took the toll.

Primordial devilish, they observed from the back,

Impetuous losers went on a roll.

A bunch of idiots without an ideology or religion,

Insulting Islam with only a motive to spread violence and terror.

It never said kill innocent people regardless of a meaning or a vision,

These brain-washed boneheaded dorks think they can make India surrender.

But we stand like we have always done,

Staring straight in the loser’s eyes.

We need to be together and stand as one,

For once even MNS should realize.

We all feel the same, we all feel hurt.

Like them, it’s our home too.

It was a pain to see my city bleed,

Purl politics need to go, Its our city too.

An Indian I am, a Puneite I am.

I’m in Love

Posted: Sunday, February 7, 2010 by Kratik in

The stink of garbage doesn’t irritate me,

Smile from lenity and I feel puerile.

Come let’s shout loudly,

Because it’s everywhere as I feel aerial.

Dancing with the wind,

On a divine venture, I feel blessed.

Floating in space having magical wing,

With rhythm and rhyme, I feel caressed.

Bathing under a shower of bliss,

Reaching out to the sky above.

Jumping and smiling I, a prince,

I know you’re hearing me, I’m in love.

A pleasing sweep,

Detainee in your custody, I feel joy.

In a jiff, to the sun I can leap,

I blush, sitting on the harbor in Torquay

From an ocean, I want to rise,

Sprint on the water surface and store this feeling in a secret sump,

I want to feel the highest tide.

I feel beautiful, I’m in love.

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