I’m in Love

Posted: Sunday, February 7, 2010 by Kratik in

The stink of garbage doesn’t irritate me,

Smile from lenity and I feel puerile.

Come let’s shout loudly,

Because it’s everywhere as I feel aerial.

Dancing with the wind,

On a divine venture, I feel blessed.

Floating in space having magical wing,

With rhythm and rhyme, I feel caressed.

Bathing under a shower of bliss,

Reaching out to the sky above.

Jumping and smiling I, a prince,

I know you’re hearing me, I’m in love.

A pleasing sweep,

Detainee in your custody, I feel joy.

In a jiff, to the sun I can leap,

I blush, sitting on the harbor in Torquay

From an ocean, I want to rise,

Sprint on the water surface and store this feeling in a secret sump,

I want to feel the highest tide.

I feel beautiful, I’m in love.


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