Time for a change

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2009 by Kratik in

India,a country that got it's independence more than 61 years back has come a long way into building what seems to be a powerful democracy.A country where more than 400 living languages are spoken,almost every religion(Christianity,Buddhism,Sikhism,Jainism,Hinduism,etc.) is followed,still maintains an equilibrium in the way that people live their lives.With diversity in food habits,clothing and attire and culture,India still maintains it's status as a developing country.

But it's been years and we still are developing.Okay,we are taking a step towards becoming a world superpower but what about it's rate.It's way too slow.At this pace,when will we be a superpower,I'll tell you,after a 1000 years,that too I'm not sure.They say,Mumbai is going to be like Manchester and Pune would be like Paris,you tell me now,is it possible in the next 1000 years.I certainly don't think so.With people not prepared to take up responsibility to change this nation,how are we going to succeed?

All of us have things that annoy us.For some,it's people who spit on the road,for ,for some it's people who throw garbage anywhere on the road,for some it's ones who pee anywhere etc..How many of us have actually taken up the responsibility to change what's happening around us.How many of us have gone to people and told them not to spit on the road,how many of us have said to ourselves that this country is my country and I'd fight against what's wrong.I'll tell you,negligible and the ones who have done that,are the ones who have at least left some kind of mark behind.

Don't tell me that the the tax that is paid to the government is not enough to build some decent toilets.I mean,if you use the toilets provided by the municipal co-operation and you'd probably have to cover you nose or hold your breath to pee before coming out.Taking an example of Q2P,a documentary film by Paromita Vohra,in that,the girls who go to municipality schools avoid drinking enough water during their school hours because they can't use the toilets.Is this right?

Where is the tax paid by us going,I'll tell you,into the pockets of the political leaders.We pay tax to the government to improve the civic amenities and but they are not doing that,are they?

Isn't this a time for change,change of the system,maybe?

The youth plays such an important role in our country.The youth would probably decide how this country would run and function in the next 100 years.I wrote about diversity of religion but that's it,right,what else.So many religions,but each one fights the other for some or the other reason.Forget about religion,what about OMS people attacked in Maharashtra,I don't oppose Raj Thackeray,I think what he is doing is right but they way he is carrying out his actions is wrong.The Indian youth is of 25-30 crore people.If each one,or even half of us,make up our mind and change our mindset to change the society,this country can reach new heights.

The things can't go on like they are going on now,the rules have to be changed.The responsibility has to be taken.With responsibility comes power and it's a spark that people around us need,to change what's happening now.Then,no 25 brain-washed idiots coming from some country via sea route can shock the entire country.It's for us to take the responsibility to change.

It's people who open the bus,car or train window and spit,who have to be stopped and it's we who can make the difference,the youth!

It's people who pee on the road,against a wall who have to be stopped because our county needs it.Take the responsibility to change and one day we all would say,"I have done something for the country,I have changed my country,I'm an Indian,a proud Indian!"

With movies like Rang De Basanti,Delhi-6(recently),we all say,this nation needs a change.As shown in Delhi-6,Hindus and Muslims fight for the most silliest reason of the lot,"is Kala Bandar a Hindu or a Muslim?"

Now tell me, is this country going to progress like this?

Do we need to fight against each other or live in peace and harmony with each other?

Don't we actually need to stand and speak whatever is happening in this country?

Start to take up responsibility,a responsibility to change this nation and make it into a nation having peace,no civil wars,clean roads,all the civic amenities and most importantly,good leadership.

It's we,the youth who can change this country,and I say becauseI can,I'm ready to take the responsibility.

I hope you all will stand by me too.

Jai Hind

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