A Guru Story

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2010 by Kratik in

Watching the flier make its move,

On the F1 track, we drove.

On an island, through the groove,

Like reptiles, we continued to rove.

Hearing the sea sing its song,

The dolphins and lions began to dance to its beat.

Vegetarian food unavailable, our stomach bells began to bong,

Having soft drinks and snacks, we loped down the Sentosa street.

Feeling the gullet cry out its screech,

Asking for something to pass, ending the drought.

Like ravenous wolves, our belief leached,

When, in the atrocious desert, he made a clove sprout.

Bencoleen street roaring with silence,

10:30 PM and vegetarian food not for the offering.

So, I prayed to the master, in essence,

Out of the blue, at the road’s end, he sent his messenger having a magical wing.

Cornucopia of grace overflowing with blessing,

Somehow and from somewhere, a Thai restaurant conjured,

Though small, it served the best food in Singapore, grace bells ringing.

Deep inside, I knew, all that while he had heard.

Experiencing the Guru play his game,

The wind began to rave out applause with a storm,

Smiling, laughing and feeling blessed, I called out his name,

Feeling ever so grateful, this is how a guru story is formed.

..................................Jai Gurudeva :)

The Singapore flier making its move

The sea singing its song

The sea lions dancing

Rambling along in search of vegetarian food

The Thai restaurant where we had food, Guru grace

Jai Gurudeva :)

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