Getting Back To Old Facebook Chat

Posted: Friday, August 5, 2011 by Kratik in

The new faceboook chat sucks…doesn’t it?

It sure does according to me.

But why?

Consider that there are about 100 friends online but the chat only shows 25, mentioning 25 because it shows 25 to me. Basically, the number of people that the chat box shows depends on the your screen size.

It also shows your friends who are offline which hardly helps. So, in my opinion, what FB needs to do is to separate online and offline friends by providing them like google talk of ‘view offline friends’

Remember when facebook first introduced the ‘chat interface’, with a separate window opening other than your explorer if you wanted to chat. If you want to do that then, you can probably search different sites and blogs but here, what you’ll read is, how to embed a chat like how it existed sometime back.

I came across this on one of the websites, saw that it works and loved it so much that it works and decided to post it on my blog.

Here is how:

#1. If you are using Firefox you should install GreaseMonkey. You don’t need to install GreaseMonkey on Google Chrome.

#2. You need to install a userscript i.e., Facebook Chat Reversion

#3. You can install that script both on Firefox and Chrome. But you need Greasemonkey to install it on Firefox.

#4. You can get back the Old Facebook chat interface. Enjoy!

I have chrome and saw that it works, so posted it. I hope you all love it as well.

Cheers J


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