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Whether it was Rituraj Borah (the best guitarist I've ever met, my classmate, currently working in Bollywood as a music director), Eugeneson Lyngdoh (another classmate and now, one of the best footballers produced by India in recent times), my YES!+ teachers Srividya Natarajan and Manish Nasa, Rahul Bali - Chief Editor, or even the Indian Express journalist - Kabir Mandrekar, I've been privileged to be with people who have been so terrific in what they do. This time was no different.

Week and week out, I use to hear this YES!+ chap called Krishna Sood sing in Satsang and wonder, how on earth is he not on TV?

From what he had told me some months ago, he had joined a professional band -Veda. I thought, fair enough, great chance to showcase his talent.

After all this while, half hour back to be precise, Krishna sends me on of his bands' songs and barely I had heard a minute of the song, and I!

I'm still astonished but so happy for Krishna

Here's the link to his first song.

I guess, you guys have heard by now. Brilliant, isn't it!

Publicize it. He needs your support to make it big and I hope you aid his cause.

Okay, I know this is not edited, so, do not keep an eye on the grammar. Chill!

Love :)
Kratik :)

Jai Gurudev :)


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