The Ultimate Battle: Live Or Die On This Day

Posted: Saturday, March 30, 2013 by Kratik in Labels: , , , , , , , ,

In the woods, he learned to breathe,
Crushing the sheath under his gawky feet.
In search of Pride Lands with a gritty breeze,
Outsized by Sherekhan and his latent crease.

A heart too filled but wrapped in gripe,
Pounding for a dream, educing to fight.
Ignoring interdiction, it dances jive,
Hunting hurdles, it will eternally strive.

Time too stagnant in an abyss of silence,
All good fights had come to this.
In the middle of a gantlet cage, he began to reminisce,
Spirit revived, Aladdin smiled, hearing the cobra hiss.

Standing on a hill, past the river,
With ingenuity and diligence in heart so fervor,
Destination in sight, shrugging the quiver of fear,
Captain Planet he was, with his rise, he defined valor.

Into the battlefield, he dared to step on,
Matching the Joker’s grin, a smile he gracefully donned.
To live or die on that day, a skill he honed,
Seeing himself in Goblin’s eyes, he witnessed bourn.

…What happened next? Ask me in a month :)
Do you believe in miracles?
                I rely on them :)

Jai Gurudev :)


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