GRE : The destiny of the society is determined by how the children are socialized.We haven't really learned how to raise children....

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According to the author, the destiny of the society is determined by how the children are socialized. He also states that we haven't really learned how to raise children, who can bring about a better society. I do agree with the author but only partially as accoring to me, other than the friend circle of a child, perants also have a duty towards raising the child and making him a better human being who can help the society in the future. In response to author's second assertion, I again do not agree with him completely as there have been examples from the past that have seen people come forward and help the society by bringing about a change that has been experienced by the future generations.

Several examples from the past have indicated that socializing a child has lead to the good or the bad of the society. Taking one such examples of this friend of mine named Gavin. Gavin played guitar as a ten year old for a local band in my city as often performed with kids who were usually older than him. As these kids were usually teenagers and felt like rockstars, they occasionally engaged in gambling and at times even stole ornaments to buy quality instruments for their band. As Gavin spent an awful amount of time with them, he too slowly and gadually got involved in these practices. Their band, including Gavin were convicted once and were put behind the bars. This activity certainly didn't help the society and helped make new criminals. Thus, socializing does help in determining the destiny of the society as such socializing may lead to criminals and can have bad effects on the society.

The perants and the elders also have a responsibility towards the child and they too must take action. Taking another example, this time of a star footballer, Wayne Rooney. Rooney's brother is a professional boxer. During his Everton days and early days at Manchester United, Rooney's attitude always came under scrutany as the current Manchester United star would openly abuse the opposing team players, at times also the referee. His behaviour and im abusing the fans, while playing many club games and also for his country, England, has seen him face have fine, at times suspension from football matches as well. Thus, it's only not the socializing of a child that determines the destiny of the society, it's also what he learns at home and how has he ben baught up that determines which direction the society heads.

Subash Chandra Bose, a famous Indian freedom fighter was extremely socializing and got the people from various regions and terretories to fight for a comman cause being the freedom of India. This helped and resulted in a massive dent during the British rule. It also united the country as a whole and eventually lead to the British leaving India. Thus, socializing does help in determining the destiny of the society.

Sri Sri Ravishankar, the founder of the art of Living foundation, often known as the spiritual Guru of the world lived with his perants. Good teachings by his perants resulted in Sri Sri learning the holy Indian traditions and engaging himself into spirituality. From the age of four when his recited the Bhagwad Geeta, Sri Sri has come a long way into creating the Art of Living Foundation which aims at relieving stress and making people smile. The Art of Living foundation conducts it's worksops in more than 150 countries and has helped prisoners, people affected by war and millions more by teaching them to smile and making them live a stress free life.

Thus, socialzing has it's good as well as bad effects but is not the only thing that can determine the destiny of the society; the impact of perants and elders also helps to a great extent to determine what kind of a society we eventually will end up living in.


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