GRE-the rapid pace of life today causes more problems than it solves.

Posted: Sunday, September 26, 2010 by Kratik in

The author asserts that the rapid pace of life today causes more problems than it solves. Well, I agree with the author but only partially as according to me, although the rapid pace of life leads to increased stress and staying away from the family, it also breeds innovation and give rise to new developments day by day.
The rapid pace of life does lead to less mixing of the members of the family. Taking an example of a friend of mine named Franid. During his school days, attended school, then, came home and completed his school homework, had dinner and slept. Now, he would do this day and day out. Slowly and gradually, he got completely cut-off from his relatives and soon started to feel aloof. This is so different from the time a century ago when the life wouldn't be at such a rapid pace. The people would have more time with their respective families and not be so pre-occupied with themselves.
On the other hand, the fast moving life of nowadays also gives rise to new developments day by day. With the help of another example, this time of the developments of the Intelligent Electronic Device (IED), I would like to explain my point. Technology in substation automation was limited to a single substation and monitoring data from various stations would not be possible. Due to the rapid pace of life, day by day the scientists moved closer in attaining their target and now, with the help of an IED and advanced processors, we can monitor the data from a number of subtations which also adds revenue to the state electricity board.
The rapid pace of life also leads to increased stress levels and has seen several people take up extreme decisions. The rapid pace of life has seen a number of farmers from the Vidharbha district of India commiting suicide after succumbing to problems like poverty. Rapid movement of life had also had it's effect on the Real Madrid Football Club board who want rapid success and are not prepared to offer football managers enough time to build their squad, thereby, sacking them after several months when they have unable to come up with results. This also happens due to the pressure from fans and media. Thus, the life that moves at blitzkrieg demands success at every moment, leading to increased stress.
But a fast moving life of today has also lead to people like Ratan Tata come up with the cheapest car in India, Nano worth Rs. 100,000. Tata told his employees to design and manufacture a car that even a middle class man can afford and so, there they were, Tata came up with Nano within an year. There were obviously increased stress levels and a lot more work load than usual but it also lead to Ratan Tata serving the society.
Though the rapid pace of life nowadays might cause problem but it has also benifited people in a number of ways. Looking at my personal life, I think that a man usually perform to his fullest potential when he is under pressure but again excessive pressure also leads to people going to extremes.


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