Mansion From The Ashes

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Dedicated to the man whom I miss the most…

A defense once seemed too impervious to permeate,
Twist of fate, and a storm shook them, ruffling their feathers.
A boy stood tall, from the ridge he looked on,
Searching for mirth from the ashes, he belched latent ciphers.

Losing wasn’t a part of his vocabulary,
With an attitude too pugnacious, his vow was silent.
Knowing that his challenge was nothing but the Battle Royale,
He refused to bow down to this world so tyrant.

He cycled miles, created critics but refused to comport,
Selling ornaments to support his family, the world heard as he knelled.
From Manchester to Munich, he travelled to learn a recondite theory,
Leaving his trace the German way, he redefined how paper was spelled.

Winning the respect of his friends, foes and his caricaturists,
He marched on, reconstructing the wall ever so strong.
Guzzling down the success potion,
He gushed to glory in the period of Vietcong.

Years on, standing tall on the same ridge as he looked on,
He smiled thinking how he sustained the worldly bashes.
From a feeble boy to a valorous man, he had transformed,
Never bottling, he had made a mansion from the ashes.

…dedicated to the man whom I miss the most. The greatest individual that I ever knew. He underlined strength. He was a fighter, really, who lived his life the way he wanted and achieved everything that was there to achieve…my Grandfather! And writing this, I am a proud grandson.



  1. Every Grandson has a story to tell about their grandfather. This one inspires me too.

  1. Awesome words in honor of a grandfather :)

  1. Nicely put, took me to lot of memories....

  1. komal says:

    i can really relate to this post havin just recently lost my maternal grandad .... i guess that genertion was far braver and far more embeeded in human values than we are today... jgd and t.c..

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