GRE - Facts are stubborn things. They cannot be altered by our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of out passion

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A fact can be regarded as anything which can be proven true. Some of the facts are unchangable, thereby, cannot be changed, whereas, examples from the past have suggested that developments in technology and intense hardwork can provide us with a freedom to alter facts. The author asserts, a fact as being something impossible of being altered by our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion. Thus, I agree with the autor but only partly.
It's a fact that earth revolves around the sun and now matter how much we want it, it's out of our hands to change the path of revolution of earth. Now, a fact like this one can be termed as a fact which is stubborn and has no scope of changing. Taking another example, this time of the 9/11 World Trade Centre bombings in New York. It was an event which lead to carnage and mass killing of thousands of innocent people. Now, it is a fact that these bombings have taken place and nine years on, we can't do anything about it. It is a fact which is stubborn as we can't go back in time and prevent these bombings but if we could and prevent such a calamity, then, would have been changing a fact that exists in today's world.
Similarly, humans previously believed that the earth was flat, which was a fact then. A sensational theory which stated that the earth was sperical in shape wa introduced by Coppernicus and the made people think different. Coppernicus's claim was vindicated by Galileo, who discovered the telescope and proved earth to be round. The fact that once was, exists no more as the developments have made it possible to change the fact. In the 1996, Arsenal football team wa called "boring" as they would rely on long balls and hardly play football through open play. It was regarded as a fact that no one could change the way this club plays their football. It was then that the Arsenal board took a brave decision in hiring Arsene Wenger, a Frenchmen whose passioins was to play quick attacking football. Within five years of the appointment of Arsene Wenger, Arsenal were as fast a football team as any in Europe. Thus, one man's passion lead to the change. It was once a famous saying in Greek, "A man can never jump higher than his head." Several atheletes due to years of practice and dedication, also a will to succeed made this theory go right into the dustbin. Nowdays, we find people jumping as high as two meters and striving for more every moment. Thus, due to developments, wishes and a strong inclination can change facts.
But if you see, no matter how much humans strive, some facts are simply unchangable. For example, some centuries back, humans couldn't fly, we still can't but due to developments, we are getting closer every moment. Right from the first air plane being discovered by Wright brothers to the air busses that we find now, humans are getting closer. Taking another example of a person who smokes tobacco, it will affect his lungs, no question about that and it is presently a fact but scientists have come out with several things that lessen the effects of cigarrete smoking.
Thus, developments are being made and we are getting closer day by day in changing most of the facts, however, there are certain facts which can't be altered by our inclination, wishes or passions. What's happened in the past can definately not be changed (as for now) and that remains a fact. All we can do is give our best shot at everything that we do in order to have a better future.


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