GRE - Money spent on research is almost always a good investment, even when the results of the researches are controversial

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010 by Kratik in

A successful research is marked by its outcome. If a research involves an enormous amount of investment, the investment would be considered its worth if the outcome is fruitful and produces beneficial results. The research might result in a number of controversies but at the end of the day it also solves out purpose to a great extent in bringing about useful information.

Technology is an application of science and in order to carry out the developments in technology, a profound research is essential. A research could be as simple as gathering information and carrying out a survey regarding the product to be designed in the near future or as complicated as composing of modeling, simulation, experimentation, analysis, a lot of paperwork and documentation. To carry out a strenuous successful research, we need highly skilled personnel as well as highly advanced equipments. Now, for this, it is absolutely certain that a decent amount of money needs to be invested to keep the wheel rotating.

A controversy is never a controversy till the time the information hasn't come about. Famously, a number of researches are on going regarding the Stem Cell. The Stem Cell project can be extremely advantageous to mankind, leading to the regeneration of a damaged tissue/organ in the body, thereby, becoming useful in curing diseases such as Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetics, etc. The project in its own way has become a controversy as it might also deal with production of clone humans, which according to some is unethical. Even for such projects which might be very helpful in the future, "bold decisions" are to be taken for the sake of development. Discoveries and researches are always exciting but we must keep one thing in mind, to maintain equilibrium and not crossing the borders by going against the nature.

Even though some researches might not be particularly as useful as the others, the information discovered at the end would serve as of some help for sure in the future. This information can be utilized to carry out further projects and lead to further more discoveries. For example, in terms of the developments in substation automation, the first substation was formed by the Tokyo Dento company in October 1930. Slowly but gradually, due to researches and developments, with time, one substation gave rise to multiple substations. Use of microchips, PLCs, Intelligent Electronic Devices and computers took their place as the time passed. The current situation is that different power parameters can be controlled, monitored and analyzed from a remote place. These developments though took time and an awful amount of money but were extremely essential. Gradual developments also breed a scope for random discoveries. One such example is of the discovery of a microwave oven. Microwave ovens were founded during the early space research.

Well, it is easy enough to get swept away by developments. A number of medicinal researches have a number of tests done on animals. Most of the animals on which these vaccines are tested, end up dying. Even though it’s necessary to find a cure to diseases, it is also extremely essential to care for animals and protect the animals. It is highly important that the man controls the technology and it’s not the other way round. Thus, it is a must to draw a line which must not be crossed.

Research is great for development, completely harmless and a tool that grooms us with knowledge. It is for this reason that the research is essential and deserves a capital to be invested irrespective of any controversy it creates.


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