TOEFL-Besides money, what are some more reasons that people work for?

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As it’s famously said, "Money might give you pleasure but it can't buy you love." Almost every person dreams of living a mansion with a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a jacuzzi. So, in order to achieve your dream what do you do? Well, you work towards being rich. Some also work so that they can feed their respective families in an appropriate way. But this world has also seen some individuals whose ideas weren't idealist at all. In fact, their thinking was so different that they worked for their respective passions and achieved what the others could hardly contemplate.

Lets take an example of a man who took birth in the year 1956 in Karnataka, India. He recited the Bhagwad Geeta at the age of four and grew up with an aim to make people smile. The man that I'm talking about here is His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, The founder of the Art of Living Foundation. He is man who works for the society and not for money. The revenue generated from the Art of Living courses is invested back into the society. He has a major hand in globalizing spirituality. The Art of Living foundation now is the largest volunteer based NGO in the world and aims at making people smile by meking them have a stress free mind and a better place to live in. Art of Living has taken up several projects like Go Green Project, Clean Yamuna Project, etc and is a functioning body in more that 150 countris around the globe. With more than 300 million people undergone the Art of Living workshops, Sri Sri Ravishankar is for sure taking major steps in achieving his dream of making this world a happier place to live in. Also a graduate in Science, had money been important to him, Sri Sri would have taken up a job, probably done an MBA degree (like most youths nowdays) and been a rich person but he worked for the people and for the society, giving up the idea of living of most of the youths in order to start the Art of Living.

Apart from working from the society, what people also work is to pursue their passion. An engineer who has a passion to be a journalist, might be a good engineer but would he love working as an engineer, I doubt. He would always look forward to a journalism job. Though the job might pay well, you still might feel unsatisfied at some point and wish for you to go in for a degree in the field that you want to end up working. Taking another example, this time of my favorite commentator and presenter, Mr. Harsha Bhogle. Bhogle is an MBA from the best management institute in India, IIM, Ahemdabad. He now works as a commentator for ESPNSTAR. Having rejected several job offers from some the top MNCs in the world, Bhogle started to walk on a different path, a path that lead to him achieving his dream of being a sports commentator. His will, stills, ability and quality made him reach the zenith of Indian Sports Commentary for which he is popularly known.

Some work for a cause, the couse being their love something. Alan Smith was one person who certainly did that. Famously known as "Smithy", Alan Smith played football for Leeds United without pay in the later part of season 2003-2004. His love for the club was such that he refused to demand compensation from Leeds, who were already in crises. Though he couldn't save Leeds from being relegated from the English Premiership, Leeds fans still love him and regard him as a hero.

As Sir Alex Ferguson, The maager of Machester United, the most supported football club in the world popularly said after winning a premiership title, "When you have tasted that blood, you want it again." Sir Alex manages United because he wants to win more. He has more than 20 titles under his belt and is regarded as one of the greatest managers ever. Had it been for money, like Peter Kenyon, even Sir Alex would have gone on to join Roman Abramovich and Chelsea. But it was his love and a team that he made himself that he decided to stay at United.

But apart from all these examples if you see, a person needs money to survive on this planet and to feeds his family. It is for that reason that a person to an extent tends to work for money and and not sway towards his passions. It is high time that we all recognize what we love and start working towards it because according to me, if you do what you love, you can reach the pinnacle of anything and when that happens, money automatically begins to flow in.


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