Don't write me off! (Poetry)

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009 by Kratik in

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Seems as if I have lost hope,
But I'm not going into dope
I know I was never the best chap,
But a time there once was,That people for me would cheer and clap!
I know I have made mistakes one after the other,
from academic feild to music,life has been hard to steer.
I know my acts are ones I have to groom,
But how?, I have been wondering from midnight to noon.
I know world on me does laugh,
But just wanna say,DON'T WRITE ME OFF
There wasn't only one promise that I broke,
But I don't know infront of this world how do I cope?
Number of things I do lack,
Tell me how,with a bang can I be back.
I am walking on a road and noone to hear
It's as though this world has shut it's eyes and kickd me on the rear.
I know many might think I to them am not a boon,
But just wanna say it's way too soon.
I am young and there's a lot left to cough up,
So please don't write me off!


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