U don't love to win HEARTS

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I thaught I'd never be able to live,When my brain told me I had lost in love.But I decided to carry on,When my heart told me..U DON'T LOVE TO WIN SOMEONE"S HEART,But you win HER heart through LUV.

ummmm.....Don't ask me why I am writing this as I mite be the last person to answer your question
Someone,sometime,somewhere told me Push the throttle completely and love the person u love to the fullest and then leave everything to the one having the most power,the one who has created us and wait to see what he has in store.
Well,why do people fall in love,why do people feel that without a person in your life,your life is incomplete,perhaps some questions that might always reman unanswered.......
OKay tell me have you loved anyone,if not,ur lying,If yes,why?
Is it because,u wanted that person close to u always,or is it that u care for a person or is it that u feel she touches your heart and soul or IS IT THAT YOU FALL IN LOVE FOR NO REASON(you dont know why,you dont know for what,all you know is your love is eternal and will last forever).
You don't fall in love to win someone's heart but you fall in love because you just love that person,I know many people might not agree with me but what if she does not love you,would you stop loving her,If you will,then that's not love.
But if not,and your heart says that a day in your life will come that your heart will say something to her's and you are ready to love her her till your last breadth and try to win her heart till your last gasp, then,you are in love buddy!
When I say "to love is not to win a heart",that entirely means you don't love a girl because you want to win her heart and want her to be yours but you just love her for a reason I am absolutely alien to,
You when fall in love dont give a damn about the circomstances and thr concequences because what you have with you is a feeling for someone and when that feeling is very strong,stronger than anything you have ever come across you know you are in love and even if she says no you dont take a step back as you love her and your love would last till you have lived your very last mili second.
Love teaches u to take pain,agony,joy,depression,sorrowness,shock(take it as a positive modal auxilry) in your stride and move on to get the girl of your dreams.
Even I am one of you who has loved some one at some time but am someone who thinks to be lost and far away from where I wanna be(in her heart),so,those who have got the girl of your dreams by your side,good for you but those who haven't would tell you to carry on and wait as love also has patience or rather it requires patience and do believe that if your love has strength even so for the creater to be proud of you ,a day will come that you would be with the one you love.


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