Love is.......?

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You to me are like a vision in the dark,Will love you until there wouldn't remain a mark.I see you when I close my eyes as it's been time since I have met you,I hear your voice even when this world goes numb So do I love you..
Love is a feeling that evolves from inside without knowing a reason why.....?
Love for me is patience,sacrifice commitment,truth,friendship and deffo not physical attraction,though people confuse that with love,some think they are in love when it's only a crush and believe me this happens to almost 79 % people.
Love is patience..........Well,ummmm,when somthing is not going right between u and the one u love then it's u who has to wait and leave evrything to the one who created us to sort out stuff and see what he has in store.Not going right could be some misunderstanding,some hap hazard,some confusion,somethings that who shouldn't have said but u did,etc. and ya,it also could be losing touch,so,wait bcoz that's the key and have patience until everything is all right.well,even when everyting is all right,it's u who hhave to not spoil it and the most important thing is to be patient and wait for the right moment bcoz when u try to hurry u get a lot of things wrong.They do say right,Slow and steady wins the race.
Love is also sacrifice,actually,it is more or so sacrifice.u have to stand up to sacrifice for the one who love,it may even be crossing the limit(different for defferent people).IT's u who has to put yourself on the line and take most of the things on u incase of need,that could be saving her image from falling down,putting yourself first when she has to take a certain pain.WEll,sacrifice even means u have to leave(sacrifice) a lot of things for your love that could be giving up on an addiction or even do to an extent of lying.You must sacrifice when she needs it the most because you have to believe that there would be a day that she'd come to you love you for the person you are,she might close her eyes when she tries to figure out who is the one for her and then only see you.
Love is also committment,one of the most important aspects.Your commitment matters the most,the one you love should mean more than anything that exists on this holy planet.You should be committed towards her till your last breadth.It shouldn't be that in a dark hour,you forget her and try to move on with your life alone or try goining around with anyone.You once are committed should be such that you are ready to walk over burnt coal for her,you got to be ready to walk the wire for her.She should be your first priority always and not you latter.Don't you wanna say your love is ETERNal.......?
This might sound to some of you as very quoxotic but love for me is also truth,if you can't speak the truth to her then you probably don't love her.Even if you have lied to the world about something it's you who has to tell her the truth,,no matter how bitter it is,if she understands you,she will understand the reason for the lie.You can't go on lying to her cause if you do,your love/relationship(if you do have one) basicaly becomes such a setup and that is because she loves you for the person she think you are but you are not.If your love has enough truth go on and say whatever is true and never lie thats when you two will be considered in the same range as Romeo and Julliet,Laila and majnu,etc.
Love,I'd even like to call it friendship because if the one you love can't be your bestest friend then you can't be in love or you cant have a ralationship coming through.In love understanding is very important and understanding will take pace and reach it's peak when you two are the best friends.She should be someone whom you should always share everything with,something like you dol with your best friend.You should always help her in her problems and when the time's not going right for her.She should feel from inside that you are the person whom she wants to talk to when she is getting bored,when she is over-joyed,when she is happy or even in case of saddness.Inshort she should feel that you are her best friend and the one who understands her the most and wants to be with all her life.
Well,for those of you who believe in love at first site,I think you people are very wrng.For those who do,wouldn't that be a crush then.Otherwise,whats the difference between love and a crush.Dude,when you fall in love,it takes hell lot of things,patince commitment sacrifice even friendship.When you see anyone how can you say you are in love?
I mean what would that person wants you to change,completely for her to be yours,What if she is into cigarretes,alcohol and drugs,you definately don't figure that out by physical attraction.Let me tell you I would never change for the girl whom I love,though I would sacrifice,and do a lot of other things but not change and deffo not accept a girl who does stuff that is against my morals and principles.To love you have to understand and not get physically attracted.
When I hear someone's voice,I feel I am completely lost and would be almost immpossible to come out of my dreams.When I think about someone,I can't stop thinking,the days might pass,the nights might not stop and pass away without waiting for me to breath,cause I can't stop thinking.......cause I love you
Well,this is what love means to me,I hope you appreciate my veiws,thanks for reading.


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