Valentine's Day-like always (Poetry)

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2009 by Kratik in

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Valentine's day,the day of love,
always thaught,this would be a day to look to the stars above,
and say,
I am with my love and the times all gay.
This day,this time again wasn't all that rare,
Still single,feels pathetic,I swear.
I love a girl,But her Love towards me is drowning in a deep well,
All the secrets and no one to tell.
When I use to see her face,I always wishd one day we would be
lost in each other's embrace,my darling and me.
I don't mind being patient and standing still to wait,
But will tell her how much I love her befor it's too late.
I've walkd long on this luv lane,but prefer to wait,
as I've seen desperation explode into flames .
I once loved her and still do,
She to me is like an arrow if I am a bow.
I'll never give up as I'm a fighter,
would try to make things brighter.
Her thaught still mesmerizes me,
can't get her out of my head,
I'll always stand by the things I've said.


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