Incomplete (Poetry)

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009 by Kratik in

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I am still hurting from a love I lost,
she was priceless and never wanted to lose her at any cost.
It had almost been an year,
and what had just come throush was my worst fear.
I said I have to wait,
and not be desperate.
But I have no idea from where on earth did this situation arise,
like a pheonix from the ashes,am I a fool to despise?
Time has never had answers for words left unsaid,
tears out of agony and depression,,leaves no more for them to shed.
I blame god to a certain extent,
He made to talk to her after seven years only for me to undergo a bend.
There are some who lie,
only to end up kissing their honey goodbye.
But I never even had to leave behind,a hurricane of some cruel lies.
Love is friendship on fire,
and she my lone desire.
When you have an entwinting heart,
and you have travelled in one of those love carts
even though deep inside u know ur a stringless bow,
but ur always prepared to take whats high and whats low.
the thought of moving away always bullied me,
i knew somewhere inside but I still did believe.
But as bulliness responds to strength,
I'd be prepared to be much stronger,
and try to move on even though I love her some much,
maybe I wasn't the most elite,
without her,I'm just incomplete.


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