One of many days of misery in school

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2009 by Kratik in

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Well,this is me,Kratik Malhotra.
TIME FOR A FLASH BACK.........Ta ta da....
I studied in this school called Choithram School Indore for like eight years(jr. montessori to 6th standard.Well,this school is high in richness and infrastructure.
I remember......looooooong time back.......It's been like 8 years now and the memories still as fresh like it was yesterday.School life cpmpletely rocks.I remember waiting for the bus early morning and then reaching the school via bus,going to the classroom to keep my bag and then goin for the prayer at 9(I guess),prayer followed by the national anthem,that was just okay but the horror use to begin when we the periods use to start.Before that we use to go to our classes height wise,with the school uniform check and our shoes had to be polished,my shoes sometimes wern't whitend,so I had to run around that never ending school ground,it was so tiring,actually,tiring aint even a was killing.
Oh ya and what about the attendance,the teacher use to be like,Komal....(she use to say yes)n then my number.......Kratik.....and I in my own world never realizing it only,then my partner use to tell me "Kratik,you missed your roll call."Each of my classmates alerting me in a very sarcastic way,then the teacher use to be like,"Kratik Malhotra,is he present(shouting)"? and I use to be like,"Ye-es ma'am",she use to yell at me saying"So rahe they kiya ?" and then th whole class use to laugh,was embarrasing,okay,forget about the embarrasement,what about the impression,it'd go down like hell and I am not talking about the impression on the teacher but impression on the girls in the class,I didn't give a damn about the teacher impression.This happened to me a lot in the third standard and the teacher I presume was Sanjanhar mam.But before that we use to sit a boy and a girl on a bench.There was this girl who was my partner(bench mate) in te second standard,oh! I had such a crush on her,she was so pretty,I was so lucky to sit with her for whatever time we sat together but as they say all the gd thing have to come to an nd,and our sitting together did,and she was moved next to Rohan Jain,good at sports but I hated him,bloody rabbit(used to be a very fast runner).
Great start to the day isn't it.....what could be worse....but as I use to think that mam was like submit your homework copies and open the workbook,I use to have this grin on my face and think there mite be many who mite not have got the workbook and done the homework.I use to take out my book and smile and look at peopl who hadn't gt there's.I then use to look into my bag searching for my homework copy but it would never be there.I use to searchc and seach for my copy but I just wouldn't get it,then I would remember mummi calling me"Anshuuuuuu,Anshu,come and have breakfast,aur bag leke aana."I use to go running thinking that if I dont have breakfast early I'd miss the bus and ususual forgetting the book.But as I regular I use to have a million reasons for not doing the homework but my reasons wouldn't work infront of the teacher,and as a corollory the teacher use to tell me get out of the class!But I use to feel releaved as I had a bunch of classmates to accompany me.I use to think,who am I,am deffo not a stupid idiot who keeps on failing,I pass and get 70 or so percent,so I am an above average student not some damn sissy!.....What could get worse.....a hurrendous day,thats surely the end of all the agony......but NO suman mam,the head of the jr wing,primary section is on round......OH thats trouble!
But she would nt be on any sort of "a round",people would just lie to have a Cat among the pigeons.It'd all just end okay and I would be back in the class for the next lecture,next lecture which turns out to be the most hated one,HINDI,taught by Neera ma'am.I can't say I hated her but I deffo hated the subject.I had some rreal respect for her but never liked her for some reason,she was always behined me to sue me for some or the other reason.The lecture begins,she comes reads out a chapter for the first fifteen minutes and then fills up the whole black board writing in the most difficult script.I used to pay attention for the first five minutes while she read and then everything would go above my head,I would almost sleep by the time she would finish reading the chapter.Now,you tell me how can anyone write in so much thats written on the board after that,so I never use to(haha).I use to write the first few lines and that too so slow till the period would get over and the period got over and the next teacher came in,use to tell her that I have written the wholw thing on the board(while the whole class use to keep on writing) and gently remove my book and start to read or I rater say pretend to read(haha).
The rest of the lectures would go fine before the break,then comes the break,I say okay lunch,thank god no more studies alteast for the next hour,hooh!,there could be nothing worse!Lucnh,whats been made,oh! methi! I hate it!Lets see if I can escape without eating by leaving thr methi in the plate and keeping the plate in the basin,a huge basin down stairs but that would never happen,my whole lunch break would get done properly as I wouldn't even get a chance to go out and play those games that we use to play,"hide and seak","chor-police" and stuff.The bell would ring and I would still not finish but how could I!,me and methi,never!The rest of the day would be okay with a bit of stuff obviously goining wrong,but in all I would end a day in school as a misery but that'd not end my atrocious day rite,I would reach home,badi mumi(my grandmother) would give me food and I would spend my time watching TV and playing my videogame,then give my mother calls for her to come home from work an hour before she was supposed to,I would then wait and wait and she use to step in,I'd give her one huge hug.I use to feel now I definately have ended my mesiery time for the day.She'd see my notebooks and then I would just know that there's more agony!Hindi,written nothing in the notebook,and then she use to call up Nivedita(a girl who lived quite close to my house) and ask for her hindi notebook,that was so embarrasing,but it was a neccesity.She would come with her dad and I would copy the whole thing in my notebook,and then I'd feel so tired,eat my dinner and go to sleep.
That would be one of my days in school,my days in my first school, choithram, have been a lot tougher than my days in APS but I still loved choithram so much!This was me mentioning just one of those days but let me tell you,there have been days that have been a lot worse,but its important to forget all that and to remember days that have been good!Thus,I say days in school or a single day in school they all are the same but I love them.
-Kratik Malhotra


  1. Arati says:

    Hey ur day used to b much like mine...evn i remembered my school days!!!

  1. snehal says:

    hey nicely written... it made me remember my school days too

  1. Kratik says:

    Well, this was my first ever post.
    This was written three and a half years back when I use to write for

    So, some of you might actually see my growth as a writer.

    As Dinesh Bhaiya says, "If you write more, you will be a better writer."




  1. Hemul says:

    nyc nyc... :):)
    class 2 me hi crush ho gya..sahi hai :P

    yup.. ur growth can b seen.. :):)

    Joy Gurudeva!!

  1. Kratik says:

    @Hemul Guess what, I went on to date her when I was 20 and she was 19, running 20.

  1. Aman says:

    nice man... even i went back to my school days!!

  1. akkie says:

    hey well said.. i can be very sure that every1might have experienced this some or the other time in thr school life...:):p

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