Letter to God (Poetry)

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009 by Kratik in

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A letter to God:
I was five when I first thaught of writing to you,
just to thank you for what you had given me.
But now is the time and you've always been true,
to have a cloud of grace over me and my family.
Even when the times have not been right,
You have given me enough power to face my worst sorrow,
and incase I am not able to fight,
sent me an angel for the agony to swallow.
It so seems that you controlled my life,
and made it go on in a way that was perfect and it's You whom I must greet.
You made me eat it's every slice,as though it was bitter at first but later sweet.
Given me friends via whoom You taught me One lesson after the other
and told me you must watch out otherwise u might have to surrender.
Surrounded me with people who would love,
and made me believe that they are the ones who are all above.
I again join my hand before You to pray,
To always have Your hand above me so that this life would go on the merry way.
I wish I could personally come and say thank You to You for all You have done for me,
but as for now I hope this letter reaches You.
Wish You in my life would forever be,
Just want to thank You so..


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